Friday, May 29, 2009

Book Review--Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century

Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century is a pretty interesting new (old) book by Hank Hanegraaff. I say “new (old)” because it is an update of a book that came out quite a while back. The book is a critique of the “prosperity gospel” (or “health and wealth,” “name it claim it,” “blab it grab it,” “profess it possess it,” etc.). Most people’s experience with this theology is primarily through media such as televangelists and books, and many are turned off by their promises of great prosperity in this world of pain. Hanegraaff exposes the deceit of this theology and this false gospel that is preached. I think it is pretty good theologically, and it sticks to the basics of orthodoxy quite well. I will move on to practical thoughts.
The book is a pretty good read overall, and I especially enjoyed the first chapter which was a compilation of documented theological ideas from different false preachers compiled into a “biblical theology.” It brings out how ridiculous some of the ideas are. My biggest complaint is that there are too many acronyms (which means for some out there who love acronyms, this book is for you). I’m not huge on acronyms, and he had one for everything. Other than that I think it was a good book.