Saturday, November 07, 2009

Grace in unexpected places

This is a really disjointed post, stream of consciousness for me.
I find prisons and prisoners intriguing. I'm never sure why, but I often find myself watching the specials on prisons that come on TV.
Part of the interest I have is the combination of the depravity of man but also the hope for redemption. Faith in prison is often highlighted in the specials, but also the recognition of the Right comes across. Prisoners speak of the evils they have done without excuse, and while many wish they were free, many speak of the grace they have received by being put in prison (some because they are prevented from doing worse, some because of the psychiatric help they have received, others for their own reasons). Inmates speak of the atrocities they have committed with remorse, and many in the specials find it right that they are in prison. Prisons are not a place of hope, but hope shines through with certain prisoners. This video gives me hope. Men who are in prison for various reasons see what is right, and they do it. Men who have attempted murder came to the rescue of the guard. Watch the video, see the common grace of God in these men who saved the life another. Here is the story from the news.

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