Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tornado, Pt. 4 of 5

I was in a state of shock because of what I had seen and heard. I wouldn't say I was scared, the three of us trusted God, but I was worried both about students and classrooms and everybody's stuff. When we felt the pressure change in the bathroom and heard the glass break, I really was afraid, for everyone. I wasn't afraid of death, I was afraid of the process to get there and the pain and loss of all my stuff. But the worst feeling was helplessness. Everything was out of my hands. I couldn't do anything to change or help the situation at all. I always want to fix things and make things better, but I couldn't. That was the worst feeling for me. When we started off to White Hall, we had to follow what we could see of the road. To get to the road we had to duck under and step over two different sets of power lines (potentially live), which was a little nerve-wracking. When we got to the road, it was like an Exodus. People everywhere, following the only lights we saw and following each other. Borrowing Kyle's cell phone, I finally reached my parents and let them know I was fine. They were relieved and I soon had to get off the phone. As we walked, all of us were in shock, and yet another sight awaited us. The back of Jennings Hall's roof was ripped almost completely off. This made me really sad, because the Ryan Center was right beneath it. When we walked into White Hall, they had a makeshift nursing station in the front hallways. They were patching people up pretty well, and nursing students and local nurses were rushing around trying to take care of everyone. As we began to walk down the hall, they had us sign a sheet and put our contact number on it. We also soon saw Becca, Bevin, and Betty. Kristmar would soon show up, as would Danielle, T-Glo, and Bob. We stayed together in White Hall and ran into many of our close friends and were of course relieved. Becca was very quickly asking if we had seen her new boyfriend Josh Hays (Mr. 1600). We hadn't but reassured her that he would be alright.

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